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Nicolae Prip

Multi Discipline Therapist (Co-partner of Ambiental Touch), Nico is the multi-discipline therapist who runs a very successful practice In the picturesque town of Polis, within the Akamas Peninsula with Nicola Dickenson, his equally talented business partner. A therapist with a history of more than 10 years in various places in Europe, Nico is known for his work as an instructor of Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, which he has taught at many venues around the globe, before settling down in Polis.

Nico is passionate about Western and Eastern spirituality, he is a provider of I Ching readings and an eccentric connoisseur of exotic healing remedies. Nicholas completed courses at local massage schools and this has continued over the years. This has formed the cornerstone of his successful business which is co-run with Nicola in Polis several years within MISA yoga school, Romania, then continued at the Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Sahaja yoga organisation, both within Romania AND abroad.He has studied and personally practised the more spiritual teachings with Sri Vasudeva. In order to please his parents, he studied and gained a law degree. However, Nico continued his personal studies, studying yoga and martial arts which were his continued passions in life. Through studying the latter, he came into contact with Asian energy practices, this emerged at the right time in his life, which is why he left the bar and dedicated himself to a different type of ‘Law’, the ‘Law of spirituality’!

After more than 20 years of practice, Nico alongside two friends, founded a Wellness Centre in Cyprus and this has now become a resounding success, so much so, that he has been head hunted to work with some of the biggest Health Spa Hotels on the island.


 Ambiental Touch
Niku • RACAM (Russian Medical Association of Complementary and Alternative Medicine) • Yumeiho - Yumeiho Center Japan / Romania Society of Yumeiho • Tao Garden Training Center Romania • Association Sportiva 'Long Xin' Romania:


Nicola Dickenson

Multi Discipline Therapist (Co-partner of Ambiental Touch), Nicola is a member of Thai Healing Alliance and Certified Teacher for ITM Massage School, Chiang Mai, Nicola is a passionate certified massage therapist who is originally from Wales but now lives on the beautiful island of Cyprus where she co-owns and manages a Massage and Wellness Centre, practising various forms of massage and teaching her love and passion of Thai Massage.

Having personally experienced the affects and benefits of Thai Massage in 2011, Nicola decided to quit her career of eighteen years and travelled to the northern hills of Thailand to retrain as a Thai Massage therapist with “International Training Massage School” Chiang Mai. Initially she only intended to stay for four weeks to complete a 120-hour program, but she fell in love with the Thai culture and ‘Massage’ in general and continued her studies and practice with various masters and Schools in Chiang Mai.
Nicola finally left Thailand six months later certified in Thai Massage, Hot Stones, Thai Aroma Herb Oil, Deep Tissue and Thai Reflexology.

Since qualifying, Nicola has been practising as a massage therapist in Europe and Asia, and continues her studies along with her other love, ‘travel’, returning to Thailand each year to deepen her practice and furthering her skills as a Thai Therapist. Nicola’s repertoire consists of:

Keralan Ayuverdic Foot Massage “Chavutti Thirummal” with The Sunshine Network Institute and Panchendryia - India; Advanced Therapeutic Thai Massage with Blind Master ‘Ajarn Sinchai’ of Lersin Hospital Blind School of Bangkok; Child, Baby and Mother to Be Thai Massage, and Thai Herb Compress with Ong’s Thai Massage School Chiang Mai; Reiki and Seichem (Tera-Mai) with Ella Rankin, Koh Phangan – Thailand; VTCT Swedish and Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, UK; Thai Massage Teacher Training with ITM Chiang Mai – Thailand.
Nicola quotes:
“The meanderings of the universe have led me to find this amazing skill and to help others. I am continually want to learn how ancient eastern practices and natural remedies can help people, some of which are so simple, yet in the west we prefer to pop a pill than to review the way we live and seek natural alternatives”.
“…did I say I was passionate about Thai Massage! So much I travel every year to update my training and to learn new styles and techniques, ensuring that my customers and students receive the best experience possible

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