Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – P.C.O.S.

img_6514Many women around the world suffer from the condition known as P.C.O.S.  sometimes suffering for years,  without realising that they are indeed carrying this condition. Figures for this hereditary condition range from 1 in every 10 women all the way up to 7 in every 10 women, based on the family history of the women concerned and the part of the world she resides in.

The main symptoms include: -  Menstrual cycle problems - with irregular periods/no periods for considerable amount of time/ infertility issues/ difficulty in conceiving • Skin problems including acne, dry patches.  These can be due to hormonal imbalances  and can  be controlled with individual health advice with management • Unwanted facial hair, also extra body hair - especially in embarrassing areas - known as Hirsutism - this can be a life-long battle to get under control.  However, with advice from our experts on the subject,  we can look for a beneficial method of controlling the growth from the regime our medical consultants can offer.

This may include hair removal treatments, and to date laser is a popular treatment with good longer term results • Thinning hair and/or patches of hair loss on the scalp, known as Alopecia, is another symptom which can lead to distress.  We will offer advice  require a long-term management to yield sustainable results. hol-esca-new-olive-tree-church-entrance-shot-oct-16
• Some women may have mood swings/depression/food cravings and not feel in control of their own bodies.
• Weight gain is a main side-effect and it takes very careful food management and life-style choices to keep this under control.  Food allergies can affect the success of how much weight loss is possible.

Mis-diagnosis or Non-diagnosis is rife.  Some medical doctors do not recognise the condition, therefore the patient never gets the correct help and treatment they require.  As the list of symptoms are so different for each woman - they will  initially need to be correctly diagnosed (by a sympathetic as well as knowledgeable practitioner) - plus it is advisable, that you will partake in individual, personalised,  investigative tests, which usually include comprehensive blood screen as well as a whole hormone profile.  The idea of this will be for the medical practitioner to play health detective and work out where the individual's problems stem from,  before giving a line of protocol for their patient to follow.

holisticescapes-fruit-jan-21Holistic Escapes would recommend to begin any new lifestyle change,  after your diagnosis,  is to start with a complete detox of your system.  This detox would be managed through-out your stay under the supervision of our doctor (see Dr Natasa's profile here)  She will be delighted to manage your new regime,  while you are in the country, and will continue, when you return to your home country via email and  skype.

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